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Our regular price of $699 has been reduced! While supplies last get our Expert At Home Complete Neuropathy Treatment Kit for only $399. Experience the relief and success that 1000's already have. With an over 85% success rate, our At Home Advanced Neuropathy Treatment Kit is designed by experts with decades of experience. With 24/7 Virtual Support with our Experts.

It's Time To Get Your Life Back

Take control of your neuropathy today. We have helped 1000's break free of the pain, get off medication, and get their life back. If you or a loved one are struggling with Neuropathy in your feet, then please take advantage of our special reduced price Advanced At Home Neuropathy Treatment Kit.


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Electrosubmersion Neuronal Activation Foot Spa. This unit is specially designed to fire the neurons and nerves in your feet, forcing the signals to fire. This unique electrical stimulation is made possible by water immersion. This allows the unit to effect every nerve in the foot and lower leg simultaneously.

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Photobiomodulation Nerve Repair & Regeneration Therapy. This advanced therapy using special wavelengths of photons and infrared light to repair and regenerate damaged nerves and blood vessels. Actually repairing the nerves at the cellular level.

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Complete Foot Rehabilitation Program. Along with our other advanced therapies, included is a comprehensive foot rehab program that will help restore circulation, jump start lymphatic flow, and strengthen the muscles of the feet and lower leg, further helping the nerves to function correctly.

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Live Virtual Support with actual neuropathy Experts. Included in our Advanced At Home Neuropathy Treatment Program is an initial consultation and follow up tele health visits with our in house neuropathy experts.

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How does this treatment work?

Our treatment uses water immersion electrical conductivity and neuronal stimulation to get your damaged nerves to fire again. Using water immersion ensures that every neuron and nerve in the foot and lower leg are activated. During the first couple weeks you may feel little to no sensations during the treatment. Typically around the two week mark patients will start to feel sensation and tingling during the treatment. Once this sensation starts to be felt, the nerves are regenerating.

Next the feet and lower leg are wrapped in a power Photobiomodulation unit which delivers multiple wavelengths of healing infrared light and this stimulates mitochondria activation to help your nerves regrow and increase circulation by helping to regrow new blood vessels that feed your nerves and tissues.

The combination of these two therapies together is what produces the long term healing effects that we have seen with 1000's of our patients. Our goal is to heal the damaged nerves and restore vital circulation

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Do I need a prescription for this treatment?

No prescription is required for this at home treatment kit. Our neuropathy experts are licensed providers and will work with you and your current providers to ensure you receive the latest in neuropathy care.

Is the treatment FDA cleared?

Yes. These forms of treatment have been cleared by the FDA for treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

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Does insurance cover this treatment?

Unfortunately insurance does not directly cover the purchase of these treatments. However, you can submit a copy of your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement or have it applied to your deductible. These devices are also HSA and FSA eligible purchases.

Does medicare or medicaid cover this treatment?

Unfortunately these devices are not covered by medicare or medicaid.

Can I use my HSA or FSA to purchase this?

Absolutely! These devices are HSA and FSA eligible. If you require assistance with submitting these purchases for reimbursement just contact our support team!

Can I use this treatment with my other current neuropathy treatments?

Absolutely. These advanced at home treatments can not interfere with any other neuropathy treatments and can absolutely be performed simultaneously with other treatments. These treatments can only help to improve the results of other combined treatments. These treatments will not effect any current neuropathy medications you may be taking.

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Will I be able to get off my medication if this treatment is successful?

Our goal is to help you safely get off your medications for neuropathy. This treatment is designed to actually regrow your nerves and the blood vessels that feed them. Restoring circulation and feeling to the damaged areas. Our goal is to help you safely get off your medications for neuropathy. We will work with you and your prescribing physician when the time is right to decrease and hopefully eventually eliminate drugs like gabapentin and Neurontin.

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